Local Business Spotlight interview with Bonnie Deck, owner of Little Blessings Children’s Day Care in Spring Grove, Pa.


Jeff from LBS: Can you give us an overview of your business and what type of service you offer?

Bonnie: Little Blessings Children’s Day Care, I have been in service to the local community for 31 years. I was a LPN prior to starting the day care, I just didn’t feel needed and happy in the LPN position. I want to care for children and teach them their early learning skills, and leave a positive impact on them.

Jeff from LBS: Who are your current customers, who might seek out your services?

Bonnie: We offer full time and part time care. We have the average working family and those with high level positions, we also accept CCIS.

Jeff from LBS: What are the ages that you handle?

Bonnie: We offer care to children from 6 months to 12 years.

Jeff from LBS: What hours are you open?

Bonnie: 5:30 am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday

Jeff from LBS: What makes your daycare unique versus to some of the other ones?

Bonnie: We are a small in home daycare, a loving and learning environment. Not a cold commercial setting. We have one lady that’s been with us for 12 years and one lady for 6. so the helpers and the children are more like family, versus going to a center, where you usually have a young person punching a time clock and not building the relationships with the children.

With our smaller numbers, we have four children to one adult, where as in a center you have like one adult to every 30 children. So they get more one on one care which helps in their learning as well as cuts down on accidents and mishaps. We don’t have any accidents or mishaps or any problem with anything.

Jeff from LBS: Can you tell me a little about your story? Your why..

Bonnie: My mom died when I was 5, and it really effected me. It was very sad of course, and when I grew up the main thing I wanted to do was to be a mom.

Your children grow up, and the one thing I decided I can do to keep being a mom, was to go into child care so I can provide a loving learning nourishing environment for other children.

Also, I was an LPN and didn’t find the job very rewarding. It was evenings, weekends, and holidays, it was better money but wasn’t fulfilling.

Jeff from LBS: What are some of your defining moments that helped you grow to the level you are today?

Bonnie: I have a lot of repeat business. I’ve had children that were in the daycare, grow up, get married, have children and bring their children to the day care. They know it is a very safe and secure business. So many other people go in and out of business, but we continue to go steady and strong.

Jeff from LBS: Oh that’s interesting, the kids grow up and use your services for their kids.

Bonnie: Half the children enrolled here, their parents used to be enrolled here.

Jeff from LBS: Oh my, that’s awesome!

Jeff from LBS: How about some interesting or funny things that happen that you can share?

Bonnie: Oh wow, that happens on a daily basis! The things kids will say are funny, Or they will be walking and just flip over. There’s a million and one things. Kids will say the silliest things, some of which their parents wouldn’t appreciate me repeating. I can write a book about all the silly things the kids say.

Jeff from LBS: I’ll bet! If someone were looking for a daycare, what advice can you give them to help them make the best decision?

Bonnie: They need to feel comfortable when the walk in. They need to make sure that their child is recognized. Don’t settle on a big group just because of the convenience of where it’s located, but rather go where you are comfortable and your child is appreciated for who they are.

Jeff from LBS: Is there anything else you would like a potential customer to know?

Bonnie: One of the things that we do, when my accountant looks over my books every year, he asks why do I continue to do this? I don’t make a lot of money doing what I do.

But I feel I do what I do really well, and I like what I do. So that makes it all worth the while. My rates are a little below the state average of what other places are getting, but the quality is way above.

Jeff from LBS: If someone wants to get in touch with you, do you have a website?

Bonnie: We have a Facebook page: Little Blessings Children’s Day Care, and our phone number is: 717-225-6292.


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